Solo: A Star Wars Story

[If you have not already enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Story, please first watch the movie and then read this blog because it may reveal important details about plot development.]

Solo: A Star Wars Story explores Han Solo’s backstory. In it, Han Solo turned his back on a criminal gang in an effort to escape using bribery. He left the Imperial Navy to continue a life of crime on a larger scale. Then his partner betrayed him for coaxium, and Qi’ra deceived both Han and Crimson Dawn.

A major theme of this film is treachery and betrayal. Wicked characters like Crimson Dawn are expected to perform villainous acts. However, characters with a sense of justice like Han Solo also pursue their admirable ends with illegal means. This behavior blurs the lines of good versus evil. In Han’s world, wickedness is everywhere and in everyone.

Our world is no different. Christians should not have any expectation of truly noble behavior from the government, the church, or even from the people closest to us. Purposely or accidentally, they can betray us. It would be easy to lose our way after such a betrayal. How are we to live then?  Proverbs 4:23 warns us to guard our hearts. In Matthew 10:17, Jesus tells us to be on guard. Yet, we have One we can trust with our hearts. That is God Almighty. He alone is good. (See Mark 10:18.)

NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD:  This film delivers with unique creatures, futuristic landscapes, and intense situations. Thank you!

NOTE TO WRITERS: Time to think about your own backstory! Write a story about your childhood. Want it considered for publication? See details here:

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