Star Wars: The Force Awakens

[This blog may reveal important details about plot development.]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the seventh Star Wars movie to be released. In it, a stormtrooper rejects authority and flees with the help of a Resistance pilot. The stormtrooper, known as Finn, meets a scavenger named Rey and a droid named BB-8. Together, they pursue a mission while overcoming a knight of the dark side who calls himself Kylo Ren.

One could argue the theme of The Force Awakens is notable choices. Viewers are presented with major characters who made significant choices instead of simply accepting their situations. Likewise, real people make powerful choices that impact their immediate and eternal futures (and the destiny of others).

During the course of the movie, we learn Kylo Ren’s history. He is the son of two powerful heroes and has been trained as a Jedi, yet he rejected his promising future to serve the dark side. This character reminds us that we cannot depend on the faith of our parents or a Christian education to save us. Every person must make a personal choice to accept Jesus as his Savior to enjoy eternal life. If we reject Jesus, we will slowly begin to embrace dark thoughts and mask our true identities.

In contrast to Kylo Ren’s tragic decision, viewers are introduced to a character who traded his grim circumstance for a respectable alternative. Finn refused to partake in the battle, rejected his position as a stormtrooper, and fled from the First Order. One admirable decision after another demonstrates his true role as a hero. Like Finn, we are all born into a world of sin and contribute to it by acting with our sin nature. Yet, we can make a choice to obtain a new spiritual nature from Jesus Christ so our inner hero begins to shine.

What notable choice can you make today? Is it the choice to accept Jesus as your Savoir and accept a new spiritual nature? How about the decision to reject those dark thoughts and remove the mask? What about the choice to sin less and shine as a hero with an admirable decision today? I pray you make the right choice today—one that will impact your immediate and eternal future in a positive way.

NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD:  Viewers didn’t see a strong female lead in anything for many years. Now there is a strong female lead in every movie. Do what you want, but PLEASE make it different than the last movie we saw.

NOTE TO WRITERS: Write a story with a character who makes a notable choice that changes his or her situation.

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