Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

[This blog may reveal important details about plot development.]

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones was the fifth Star Wars movie to be released. In it, Obi-Wan discovers a planet that is hidden from the archives. He learns that its inhabitants have been creating an army of clones by replicating a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the order, but it is evident the clones were ordered for the Republic.

These clones have two important modifications to accommodate the Republic’s needs. They undergo growth acceleration to become a mature army at a faster rate, and they are created with a greater ability to be obedient. Surprisingly, Jango Fett requests an unaltered clone for himself. It would seem this villain desires an imperfect son-like figure. (And just like that, viewers are suddenly sympathetic to this enemy.)

Attack of the Clones provides answers for every child of God. Haven’t we all wondered why God created us with free will? Sometimes it is our compassion for people who reject God that makes us question free will. Other times we become frustrated with our own inability to obey God—especially when we are facing the negative consequences of our sin or feel trapped in addictions. Additionally, it might be hard to understand why we couldn’t just become a mature Christian without tests and trials. However, we find our answer in Jango Fett’s impractical decision to have an unaltered clone. Although he is wicked, he still wants Boba to have free will and to live his life without instant maturity.

Imperfection and vulnerability are vital to our relationship with God. It is only when we show love to God with our free will that we can be made perfect through Christ. We must admit our dependence on God and confess our sinfulness to accept the blood of Jesus that purifies us and makes us righteous in the sight of an infinitely holy God. Our free will is the very thing that makes us children of God.

NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD: Filmmakers should  explore the beauty of diversification in culture, ethnicity, and race.

NOTE TO WRITERS: The beauty in any written work is its characters. Readers want likable and relatable characters. They also need characters that disappoint and surprise them. (NOTE: There is not much more time to submit your short fiction story for publication in Draw Near’s next ebook Menagerie. Details here:

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