Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

[This blog may reveal important details about plot development.]

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was the fourth Star Wars movie to be released. In it, a Jedi named Qui-Gon discovers a child prodigy and decides to train him as a Jedi. Sadly, Qui-Gon dies in a duel, and his apprentice Obi-Wan agrees to train the child named Anakin. Although he is only nine years old, Anakin helps bring about victory in a final battle against the Trade Federation.

When considering The Phantom Menace from a Christian perspective, we see two major parallels between Anakin and Jesus. First, Anakin’s mother claims he was conceived without a human biological father. It is believed he was conceived by midi-chlorians, which are elements of the Force. According to Matthew 1:18, Jesus’ mother was found to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit. He was also conceived without a biological human father. Both Anakin and Jesus develop special abilities due to their unusual conception.

Secondly, both Jesus and Anakin share the title as “the Chosen One.” Qui-Gon recognizes Anakin as “the Chosen One.” In Star Wars, the prophesied Chosen One would bring about balance to the force. In Biblical prophesy, Jesus is the Chosen One who would bring about justice to the nations (see Isaiah 42:1). The fictional character of Anakin did bring about balance to force by killing the emperor in Return of the Jedi. Similarly, the true person of Jesus brought justice to the nations by giving every person on earth the same opportunity to gain salvation through His blood.

In other ways, Anakin and Jesus can be contrasted. Anakin falls into the trap of fear and turns to the dark side while Jesus stands firm to the death in His battle against Satan. Anakin finally redeems himself by killing the emperor while Jesus redeems not Himself—but all of mankind with His death on the cross. Regardless of their differences, Christian science fiction fans can learn a lot about our true Savior Jesus Christ by analyzing this complicated fictional character Anakin.

NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD: Don’t listen to the haters. Jar Jar is loved.

NOTE TO WRITERS: Create complex characters. Let villains be profoundly villainous and heroes be incredibly heroic, but heroes and villains can be still be dynamic characters. (NOTE: There is not much more time to submit your short fiction story for publication in Draw Near’s next ebook Menagerie. Details here:

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